Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Stick on the Cheap

Our friend Mr. J Blumer just returned from an epic trip to the western sea shore where he was mentored for the last month by the likes of the honorable Joel Tudor and Alex Knost. The stories and photos are epic. Mr. Blumer is an excellent film maker and I'm pretty sure that we'll get a teaser of the footage he captured on his western venture pretty soon. For now he has offered his beautiful 5'5" Gum Quad for anyone worthy of such a rad sled. This board is sick. It has plenty of volume to paddle into smaller waves and is fast enough to handle any juice you find yourself in. So if you need a gift for that special someone, or a secret weapon for the upcoming hurricane swell, give us a call 843.737.2550, or better yet stop by the shop and grab it!!!

Price: $250 Fins Included

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