Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brinko Bow Ties at RW+SS

Photos by Bob Mule of Bobtography

We've always prided ourselves in our unorthodox approach to blending styles and providing well made goods. We love to catch people off guard, so that being said, enter Brinko Bow Ties. Our friend Bethany just brought a fresh batch over and they are amazing!!! If you've never worn a bow tie, come on in and we'll get you set up. Don't worry if you don't know how to tie one, we give free lessons with the sale of each tie. Magical things happen when you put one on. You stand a little straighter, you instantly become more dignified, and well you just feel great!!! Ohh, and trust me fellas the ladies notice!!! If you think that bow ties are just for weddings or special occasions, think again. Try rockin' one with a crisp button down and a beat up jean jacket and you are ready for whatever the night throws at you! Billy Reid once told me to "BE BOLD", and with this I also encourage you, BE BOLD!!! Quantities are limited, so come in and grab yours today and get ready for great things to happen!!! The quality is outstanding and the price won't break the bank.

Brinko Bow Ties assorted colors and fabrics: $49

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