Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Goods

While Irene is battering our fare shores with overhead surf all hodads within a 90 mile radius are stoked out of their minds as they dust off their thrusters in hopes of some epic tubes at the washout. O man, there will be carnage tomorrow... It's been good all week, but now it's gonna get messy. For most it's a good time, for others this storm will be a total home wrecker, probably on multiple fronts. So, here we are Irene, thank you for the waves, please send more... That being said, I'm surfed out already and happy to think of Fall. We've got some great VTG jackets rolling in. All of our outerwear items this Fall will be VTG goods that are of exceptional quality and are made to last a lifetime, and then be handed down... So, first up we have a waxed cotton canvas Filson hunting jacket. I can't say enough good things about Filson and this jacket in particular. It has a shorter hem than most and it looks great with denim and khakis. Don't be mistaken, this is a Man's jacket, not for the timid at heart. This is my jacket of choice for those late September nights on the porch with good friends and a good bottle of bourbon...

Filson Hunting Jacket
Size: Men's Medium (Fits like a Large in other goods)
Style Notes: This is one badass coat that is bullet proof, missing 2 buttons easily remedied
Price: $149

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fresh VTG

While sourcing vintage goods a few days ago, I came across this engineer style button down by Sears & Roebucks. Everything about this shirt is awesome, from the cowboy on the tag to the button up chest pockets, to its excellent blue/ gray plaid color. It's flawless, no stains rips or tears. This little beauty has never been worn and still has the fold marks from it's original packaging. This is one of my favorite finds, and based on the labels and styling my best guess is that it was born in the early 70's. It's light weight enough to wear in our southern summer heat (just roll up the sleeves) and will make an excellent layering piece for Fall. It's ready for a new home and can be yours if you are cool enough for such a rad garment. Here are the stats:

Size: Men's XL - fits true to size
Material: 65% Polyester + 35% Cotton = 100% Awesome
Style note: Looks amazing paired with a beat up Levi's jacket
Price: $39

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sketch Books by Preston

Our friend Preston just brought in a fresh batch of Sketch Books. He made each one by hand for your drawing pleasure. Preston is a Graphic Design student at the Art Institute of Charleston and he is definitely one to watch. You'll see more of his art work soon. Each journal is truly unique. We have stock now, but they are going fast. Come grab yours and help support a great student working his way through design school. $25

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Making of a Slayer

Recently our friend Patrick Willey came in to discuss ordering a custom board. After talking about where he wants to take his surfing, we agreed on the RW+SS Slayer model shaped by Richard Prause. We're super stoked on the shapes Richard is producing for us and as you will see he is amazing in the shaping bay (he also rips in the line up!!!) As we talked we discussed the fact that it's rare for a customer to get to watch and be a part of the shaping process. It is a magical thing to watch as a crude lump of foam is transformed into a sleek wave slayer. Since Patrick owns a rad production company called NESKA! (which stands for Never Ever Stop Kicking Ass!) We thought this would be a perfect documentation project. Richard agreed and we ordered some blanks!

Over past few years, I've gotten to know Patrick, or Capt. Willey as I like to call him, pretty well. He truly has a passion for life and pours his heart into his work. He's produced several promotional pieces for us and we're always stoked to work with him. His vision and creative ability are on point to say the least.

As we worked on this project, I learned that he graduated from College of Charleston in 1997 and then lived abroad in Australia and The BVI. He's also spent time in Vail, CO, and San Francisco, CA. We're glad he decided to come back to Charleston a few years ago. According to the Capt. "it's been one excellent ride" and there is no stopping his "Kick Ass" attitude on life. He has a keen eye and wants to share his vision for the promotional needs of companies and individuals seeking to capture action packed times in their corporate or private lives. I asked him to sum up the essence of his company and this is what he gave me:

"NESKA! Productions is a counterculture gorilla style production company based in Charleston, SC. Owner and creator, Patrick Willey provides alternative media for today's social media marketing strategies. I want to capture people kicking ass. That's what NESKA! is all about!"

Well said Capt. Willey. We're always stoked on his work and we're sure you will be too. Reach out to him for any of your marketing and promotional needs. Thank you Richard, thank you Capt. Willey!

Patrick Willey,

Neska! Productions


Friday, August 12, 2011

This Could Be Your New Board

Here at RW+SS we believe in choice. We believe in a connected riding experience. We believe in understanding the process of how things are made. That being said, we are beginning something new. We will have blanks on hand so that you can see, touch, feel, taste (if you are so inclined) the raw materials that are the foundation for your next shred sled. Currently on tap we have a 7'6 US Blank. This little beauty is perfect for something hullish as we ordered it in the Green Weight range which is a little denser foam and intended for more traditional craft. The Rocker profile is pretty flat to give ease of entry in our conditions. It's okay to imagine what could be... heck that's why RW+SS exists... I hope this stokes you out as much as it does us!!! Contact us to explore your possibilities...

A Time To Reap And A Time Mow

We've been at it again... Dr. Prause is shaping up some more wave slayers...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Over It

Over the last few months we've had a chance to get to know one of the Holy City's finest creative companies All Over It, founded by Sarah Jones. We owe her a huge thank you for helping us with great promo material (RW+SS x Cavortress) as well as connecting us with many likeminded creatives across the southeast. All Over It definitely sums up Sarah's work because she is capable on so many
levels. I think of All Over It as a reference to what is going on in Charleston- music, art, events, fashion, non profit organizations, people and things that need to spread awareness. She is totally All Over It, from services, to marketing, to helping creative individuals come together to work on mutually beneficial projects she's got you covered. As a service, she is very PR focused and is well connected with publications across the southeast. She really listens to her clients to best assess their needs, find out what they're most passionate about and to find out to whom they need to reach out to spread the good word. I really value her opinion.

When asked about what she loves most about her work she said, "I am beyond fortunate to call the most talented, innovative, creative, movers and shakers 'friends'. They're artists, writers, musicians, fashion designers, photographers, entrepreneurs, small business owners- each one with a passion and each one with an audience to reach - we all support and promote one another knowing, if we work together, we'll eventually get where we are going much easier. The progressive culture here in Charleston is pulsating and we are at the heart of it".

Ms. Sarah Jones is definitely one to watch as her empire grows. We are sincerely appreciative for all that she has helped us with and if you have the chance to work with her, we're sure that you will be too! Thank you Sarah for all of your help. Be sure to check out her website and reach out to her for any of your PR, Promotional, and Marketing needs:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who Says They Don't Breed 'Em Like They Used To

Josh Simpson and his crew are truly setting the bar for gnar gnar Down Under. I think the 60's was the last time I saw doods charging 20'+ sets on proper longboards. You guys are so rad! Huge props from the land of small waves!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


If you really love to rock then this is the perfect shirt for you. This amazing piece of rock history was originally purchased by my mom at the Concert in Jacksonville, FL during their 1975 US Tour. It definitely has all of the wear and amazing softness that you would expect from a shirt that is 36 years old. This is a true conversation starter so be ready!!! Size Large and fits anyone up to a size 44" chest. I love the expression on Mick's face and the suggestive finger placement. This is rock 'n roll in it's prime. If you love to rock, this one's for you. You'll truly be the only one with a shirt like this. It's quite possibly is the coolest shirt on the planet!!! $600

Sunday, August 7, 2011

TresFrais Summer Sale

Join us Next Saturday August 13th for a designer yard sale curated by our friend Najee. This will be a send off event for him as he will soon be working as a designer in NYC. Please come and support our friend who is one of the most stylish people we know. He will offer a great selection of books, magazines, movies, house wares, art, sculptures, clothing, and accessories. Ladies will be able to enjoy a special selection of VTG goods from Cavortress curated by Julie Wheat. Come out to support great friends here at RW+SS 69 Spring Street. O, and the shop will open for any of your surfing needs. We look forward to seeing you next Saturday!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Endless Summer

When I stare off into the distance this is what's running through my mind... Savor every second. Remember this isn't a dress rehearsal. Appreciate what you have. Be thankful. Be better. The beauty and fleeting nature of Summer always makes me think this way.