Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Making of a Slayer

Recently our friend Patrick Willey came in to discuss ordering a custom board. After talking about where he wants to take his surfing, we agreed on the RW+SS Slayer model shaped by Richard Prause. We're super stoked on the shapes Richard is producing for us and as you will see he is amazing in the shaping bay (he also rips in the line up!!!) As we talked we discussed the fact that it's rare for a customer to get to watch and be a part of the shaping process. It is a magical thing to watch as a crude lump of foam is transformed into a sleek wave slayer. Since Patrick owns a rad production company called NESKA! (which stands for Never Ever Stop Kicking Ass!) We thought this would be a perfect documentation project. Richard agreed and we ordered some blanks!

Over past few years, I've gotten to know Patrick, or Capt. Willey as I like to call him, pretty well. He truly has a passion for life and pours his heart into his work. He's produced several promotional pieces for us and we're always stoked to work with him. His vision and creative ability are on point to say the least.

As we worked on this project, I learned that he graduated from College of Charleston in 1997 and then lived abroad in Australia and The BVI. He's also spent time in Vail, CO, and San Francisco, CA. We're glad he decided to come back to Charleston a few years ago. According to the Capt. "it's been one excellent ride" and there is no stopping his "Kick Ass" attitude on life. He has a keen eye and wants to share his vision for the promotional needs of companies and individuals seeking to capture action packed times in their corporate or private lives. I asked him to sum up the essence of his company and this is what he gave me:

"NESKA! Productions is a counterculture gorilla style production company based in Charleston, SC. Owner and creator, Patrick Willey provides alternative media for today's social media marketing strategies. I want to capture people kicking ass. That's what NESKA! is all about!"

Well said Capt. Willey. We're always stoked on his work and we're sure you will be too. Reach out to him for any of your marketing and promotional needs. Thank you Richard, thank you Capt. Willey!

Patrick Willey,

Neska! Productions


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