Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Over It

Over the last few months we've had a chance to get to know one of the Holy City's finest creative companies All Over It, founded by Sarah Jones. We owe her a huge thank you for helping us with great promo material (RW+SS x Cavortress) as well as connecting us with many likeminded creatives across the southeast. All Over It definitely sums up Sarah's work because she is capable on so many
levels. I think of All Over It as a reference to what is going on in Charleston- music, art, events, fashion, non profit organizations, people and things that need to spread awareness. She is totally All Over It, from services, to marketing, to helping creative individuals come together to work on mutually beneficial projects she's got you covered. As a service, she is very PR focused and is well connected with publications across the southeast. She really listens to her clients to best assess their needs, find out what they're most passionate about and to find out to whom they need to reach out to spread the good word. I really value her opinion.

When asked about what she loves most about her work she said, "I am beyond fortunate to call the most talented, innovative, creative, movers and shakers 'friends'. They're artists, writers, musicians, fashion designers, photographers, entrepreneurs, small business owners- each one with a passion and each one with an audience to reach - we all support and promote one another knowing, if we work together, we'll eventually get where we are going much easier. The progressive culture here in Charleston is pulsating and we are at the heart of it".

Ms. Sarah Jones is definitely one to watch as her empire grows. We are sincerely appreciative for all that she has helped us with and if you have the chance to work with her, we're sure that you will be too! Thank you Sarah for all of your help. Be sure to check out her website and reach out to her for any of your PR, Promotional, and Marketing needs:

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