Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Civil War Bullets and Boat Yards

Photos Courtesy of Bob Mule

Thanks to JohnBoy (aka JohnMan) of Gato Heroi for coming out this past weekend to bring a new batch of boards to us. The weekend started at the Woodshop where JohnBoy did some finish sanding on a couple boards. I think he really dug the raw gritt of that place. Huge wooden vessels and all, he brought some sticks to life and then we hand delivered them to their new owners around 2 am Friday night/ Saturday morning. Though J Blumer had partied hard he still greeted us with an extra huge late night grin upon receiving the sleds. J Blumer is the proud new owner of a 9'2" Simpkins Sliver and his lovely lady Ms. Caitlin the owner of a 9'7" Daily Driver. We were on the Sand by 11 am on Saturday. Alex Hull was sooo stoked on his new 9'6" Beach Ball that he proceeded to shred for the next 5 hours. That was an epic Seshwon. JohBoy was in fine form and after seeing him surf we officially changed his name to JohnMan. He is the most positive and most stoked person I've ever met. Under the training regiment of Mr. Kegal and Mr. Knost, he has excelled at shaping and putting those shapes to good use! Alex, JohnMan and I sneaked away to the Isle of Pleasure on Sunday for some stomach high perfection. What a fun weekend!!! We'll have lots of more pictures soon, for those needing new boards let me know we're placing a new order!!! Thanks again JohnMan you're always welcome here!!! As you can see we had a great weekend. Thank you Jordan, Caitlin, and Alex for your orders I hope you enjoy your new boards. Thank you for your friendship and support!!!

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