Thursday, November 25, 2010

9'7 Daily Driver

9’7 Gato Heroi “Daily Driver”

Hand shaped by Robin Kegel

TAIL: Pintail
COLOR: Lavender tint deck w/ gray tint bottom

The name says it all. The Driver provides solid performance in all conditions. It features 50/50 rails and a flat rocker with kick in tail. The rocker provides ease of entry and the kick in the tail gives it plenty of hold for optimal tip time. The bottom is flat throughout the board which makes it fast, and it has a hard edge in tail which allows for quick release into pivot turns. The rails are rolled up at the nose which allows the pilot to plow though through sections. This is a great all-around sliding and trimming board. It’s perfect for fast, speedy beach breaks and it nose rides high and tight in the pocket. This board also loves our Atlantic soup.




17 1/2


22 1/2


14 1/2


2 7/8

Price: $1400.00

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