Thursday, September 13, 2012

Band of Horses

I'm honored to call Band of Horses drummer Creighton Barrett a friend. I'm also honored that he digs our gear. Thank you Creighton for your support, we can't wait to pick up the new record!!! If you are reading this be sure to purchase a copy of Band of Horses latest release Mirage Rock.

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  1. Band of Horses' wintry alt-country aroused passion, certainly, but it was expressed in gentle ways. Their set invited introspection, swaying with eyes closed and, perhaps, an appreciation of the way singer/guitarist Ben Bridwell reclaimed baseball caps and hedgelike beards from their redneck associations. But even the rowdiest moments – such as a stampeding version of Feud, with a sustained, squally outro – incited no rowdiness. This, after all, is a quintet who play in front of a backdrop photo of a lake and trees, ensuring that wherever in the world Band of Horses are, there's always a tranquil view behind them. Jordan L.