Monday, August 20, 2012

The Littlest Rogue

I don't usually write like this but I have to share with you one of the most memorable days of my life. You see, yesterday started out like most Sundays in the Boyd household. We slept in as much as our 2 year old will allow, followed by a quick breakfast and then off to church. The message  this Sunday was centered around family which set the tone for what became the most memorable Sunday I've had in a long time. After lunch we all settled in for a nap, one of my favorite times of the week ha! We awoke around 2pm and got ready for our family adventure, as every Sunday in the Boyd household is Family Adventure Day. The last few months have been trying in our family so honestly we didn't put much thought into this particular outing and decided to just go to one of the familiar county park playgrounds that we've visited countless times in the last 2 years since our son Finley was born. Somehow, while en route we decided to go to the beach instead. Maybe it was because that way we'd save the $2 park entry fee (don't judge) or maybe I talked my wife into it, however it happened, we changed course and struck out for 7th Street at Folly Beach. I've surfed here often in the 5 years that we've lived in Charleston. Little did I know that this would be the day I've been waiting for for the last two years. Little did I know that it would be the day that my 2 year old son Finley got to ride his first waves with his papa. 

You see, I am blessed in that owning Rogue Wave Surf Shop affords me time to surf most mornings during the week, so I normally devote weekends to family and forsake mother ocean's call. On this particular outing we had no intention of surfing so leaving the house I didn't have on trunks, contact lenses, or even a towel. I did however have strapped to the top of our Land Cruiser (lovingly dubbed LC, pronounced El-See) a huge log a friend made for me. As soon as we stepped onto the sand I instinctively discerned the conditions of small glassy peelers, and light off shore winds as being the perfect opportunity to initiate our little man into his lifelong journey of becoming Seaworthy. Even without contacts in I could tell that the waves were magical. I expressed my desire to my wife and she gave her blessing to take our only son into the wild sea. From the first moment to the last of the session he constantly  smiled, laughed and giggled! I couldn't be more proud of, honored by, and full of love for my son. We experienced pure joy as we glided into waves together, Finley firmly planted on the front of the board squealing with delight. 

I'm still Glowing after riding waves with my son. This was a huge milestone for us as a family and for him as he completed his first right of passage toward becoming seaworthy. As I mentioned the past few months have been tough yet the God we serve has been good to us. Through the simple joy of riding waves with my son God spoke to the deepest place in my heart to let me know  For these beautiful memories I am eternally grateful. We have officially created the Littlest Rogue so look for him in your local line up soon, that little beach break pig blaster. I love you Finley, Papa is so proud of you!!! I look forward to sharing many more beautiful memories and shredding millions more waves with you!

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