Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneak Peek...

I have to give credit where credit is due. This week we've been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our friends. It's one thing to offer to do something nice for someone, but it's a "whole 'nother deal" to actually come through and give of your time and resources to help someone on a project. That being said, we wanted to give you a preview of an upcoming look book we're working on. These images were shot on location at our store last Saturday by our dear friend Austin Dandridge. Austin just moved back to town from the Big Apple and we are stoked to have him! When he isn't shredding tasty peelers he can be found in the good company of E House Studios where he develops beautiful websites, makes rad films, and captures people's souls via photographs. We are thankful for his friendship and honored to have him help us with this project. In the company of Mr. Dandridge, was our new favorite stylist Mr. Mike Grady. Mike and I met last summer here at the shop, and had a great chat, and I am so thankful that our paths crossed again. Mike came on as the stylist for this shoot and after a discussion of what our basic look usually entails, he began to work his magic. This young man is talented far beyond his years. Like Austin, Mike as well did a stint in the Big Apple, where he worked as a stylist for Levis. In case you didn't realize it, that's pretty BAD ASS!!! We're stoked that he also returned to the Holy City to spice things up here. Mike's creative "eye" and attention to detail are exquisite. These two Gentlemen are an excellent team and I hope to work with both again very soon. If you have a chance to work with them, know that you will be blown away by their creative ability, humble spirit (which is rare in the design world), and iron clad work ethic. In short these guys can size up a situation in a flash, create a game plan and execute it flawlessly. If you have any needs within the realm of Web Design, Videography, or photography please reach out to Austin. If you have any Styling needs, be it Home, Office, Fashion, Retail, Photography etc..... please reach out to Mike. Like me, you will be blown away by their kindness and thrilled with the end product!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys!

PS- Our handsome model is Mr. Josh Pierce. He is 6'0 tall and ripped. And as you can see, he looks amazing in anything he wears, sooooo if you need a model he is your man! Oh, and yes ladies he is single... We love you Josh!!!

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