Friday, March 11, 2011

John Wesley aka JohnMan

Our first meeting with John Wesley occurred last fall when he came and stayed with us here in Charleston. He came to surf, eat good food, and enjoy the Holy City. He brought with him some boards that he shaped for our East Coast soup. Upon our first meeting I was surprised by how young he was. It didn't take long to realize that he is truly wise beyond his years. He grew up in Orange County, CA. and has honed his skills in the varied beach, point, and reef breaks that the area offers. John is a proven shaper having established his own line before joining forces with Robin Kegel of Gato Heroi. Under Robin's mentor-ship John's shaping skills have risen to all new levels. He is amazing to watch, whether shaping or shredding. John is the most positive and most surf stoked person that I've ever met. No matter what's going on he's happy . It is truly rare to meet someone with such a high caliber of skills both on land and at sea who is a genuinely kind person.
John is definitely one to watch. His stoke is contagious. We are proud to call him a friend of Rogue Wave. While here in Charleston we taught him a little about Southern Style and sent him home with some new threads. Thanks John, this one's for you!!! JohnMan of Gato Heroi slaying it...

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