Friday, December 24, 2010

Gremmie Skate Boards

I'm writing from sunny but waveless Cape Coral, Florida on the eve of our Savior's birth. While on the gulf coast i've had lots of time to explore many concrete nooks and tranies and I am happy to report that Kevin Skibba of Gremmie Skateboards makes the sickest land based shredding devices on the planet. I repeat, these are the most fun skateboards that i've ever ridden. If you want to work on your cut backs or just cruise out for a surf check you gotta get on board. Gremmie completes: Price: $165


  1. Daaaaaaagum. Nice moves lightfoot. How come i don't ever see you shortboarding waves? Plus, have you checked out any tarp surfing videos? I think we need to set up a rogue wave tarp surf session really soon.

  2. Crap Yea Nicholas!!! Let's hang out this week!!!